Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 12, 2020

General note about your privacy:

A leading principle for us, when it comes to personal information, is that we don’t collect it if it doesn’t serve a purpose of serving you with better products, services, features and analysis. Or, when we want to be able to reach to our products’ relevant audience.

We are here to help you protect your Mac or iOs device (the “Device”), and we use the data required to do exactly that. Sometimes, we request your help to do so, by submitting input, files, information or examples. Rest assure that we use the data you submit for the purposes we describe upon (or prior) to any submission.

So we took the time to design this privacy policy in a relatively plain and human language.


Airo AV (“Airo”, “we” or “us”) respects the privacy of its consumers and users (“you” or “user(s)“), and is committed to respecting their privacy. This policy applies to our machine learning technology and respective products (both the desktop software and browser extension) (“Products”), and to our website(s), available at: www.airoav.com and may include landing pages under this domain (“Site(s)”). Our Products are designed to protect your Device and your browsing experience against threats, malware, adware and other malicious or suspicious files and behaviors that are aiming at damaging or evading your system (jointly with the Products and the Sites, “Services”).

Please read this policy carefully and make sure you understand it. If you don’t you can always reach out and ask us (you can do so via the contact option on the website).

Let’s make a few things clear

The Products and Services are designed and allowed to be used by you if you are a human and not a minor in your country of residence. We don’t collect information about your age but if we will discover that we mistakenly collected information about minors, we will delete and may terminate such account.

Data we collect and your consent

This policy describes how we treat certain information about you and your computer device when you use the Products (“Data”). Some of the Data may be classified as personal information (“PI”), which means that that data alone, or in conjunction with other data, may lead to an individual person. If you only accessing and browsing the Sites, we do not collect personally identifiable information about you, and, do not make any attempt to reveal your identity.

Some of the Data is required for us to be able to provide the Services. So by using the Product and Services, you are consenting to this policy. Some Data collection will require additional consent, and we will ask it upon your submission of such Data. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, do not install or use the Product and do not use or access the Services.  You may uninstall the Product at any time by following the instructions provided in the End User License Agreement.

The Data we collect and use can be classified as one of the following:

  1. None personal information. This would be the malware data, the files analysis, the system technical information and any details we need to better protect Mac and iOS devices’ users against threats and vulnerabilities. This type of data also serves our artificial intelligence (AI) technology and improves it over time, so our protection is getting more and more accurate. This Data also enables us to create statistics and understand patterns and behaviors, so in fact, it helps us to help you, and make the Mac and iOS devices’ world a better place. This type of data will be referred to as “Files Data”. Files data is retained and treated separately than any other data that may be classified as personal data.
  2. Website and online data. When you access the Sites and use them we may collect (alone or by our 3rd party service providers) information about your browsing activity on the Site (anonymous data), interaction with pages and buttons (analytics), Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, user agent (which means your browser type and version, language), and technical device details. We explain in detail the type of cookies and tags we may use to collect such data in the cookies and we-tracking technologies below, and in our Cookie Policy.
  3. Personally Identifiable Information.
    1. When you open an account with Airo, you are requested to submit certain information about you that will enable us to open, maintain and manage your account with us. Such information includes your email address, the name of the account and record of your account activity, so we will be able to provide you the Services regarding your account. You may choose to sign up via one of your social network accounts, in which case you will allow us to access your public info in such accounts, as you allowed them to share. This type of data will be referred to as “Account Data”.
    2. When you purchase a license to install and use Airo, you will be required to submit some indefinable information about you and to provide your credit card information. Any payment information you submit is automatically transferred to our 3rd party payment processors, which are PCI certified companies that treat your Data under strict policies and extra cautions. Their privacy policy and information on how they treat your data is available in the check out page where you submit such information. This type of data is being used for processing of your payment and tracking your subscription activity and type. This type of data will be referred to as “Purchase Data”.
    3. When you browse the Site, you may choose to submit your email address to our mailing list, so we will send you newsletter and updates about the Services or threats, trends, tips and tricks that will help your Device stay safe and protected. This Data is retained separately than any other data, in a separate platform and is used solely for this purpose. This type of data will be referred to as “Newsletter Data”. The platform that manages the Newsletter data is Zendesk Connect and their privacy policy, which applies to your Newsletter Data, is available at https://www.zendesk.com/company/customers-partners/privacy-policy/.
    4. Personal Data (or potentially personal). When you install and use the Products, we will record some of the usage activity for purposes of being able to respond, provide Services, filter malicious behavior, domains or sites, and better analyze and understand patterns and behaviors. Such type of data will be referred to as “Activity Data” and includes cookie IDs, some portions of URL surfed (without any identifiable parameter), user agent data (which means, your browser type, version and language). The IP address of your computer is also available to us as part of this category and we mostly use it to better understand your geographical location (in a level of country and region), and language. We also use IP address to compare and verify a human source or a non-black-listed address. Those are normally associated with malicious on non-secure sources that we will want to block.

Cookies and other web-tracking technologies

Everything you need to know about cookies and how we use them is available to you in our Cookie Policy.

To summarize, as a general matter, any web activity and web service are fully based on cookies and tags. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or browser.  Pixel tags (also called clear GIFs, web beacons, or pixels) are small blocks of code on a webpage that allow websites to do things like reading and placing cookies. When you access the Site or use the Airo browser extension, we use cookies and tags to better track the Services provided to you and to learn general web-behavior. We also use them to collect analytics about the Services and engagement with them. All as further detailed in the cookie policy.

Most of the cookies used are essential for the functionality of the Site and Products. Some are essential to managing our distribution and media buying. We don’t use cookies that are not required for Services management and optimization.

If you do not want to allow us or someone else to use cookies, you can disable cookie installation via your browser setting. You also have the option of deleting cookies from your computer’s hard disk at any time, if you choose to do so, you may be unable to use some of the features of our website, Products and Services.

Advertising the Services

When we advertise the Products and Services, we use digital agencies and platform to do that for us, by reaching out to users to which the Services are relevant. When you click on an advertisement for Airo and being redirected to one of the Sites (“Landing Page”), such advertising agency or entity may also collect online information about your activity to facilitate the advertising activity and to make sure it refrains from keep offering to you the same Products. Such data is also being used to calculating such agencies’ fees for their services. Such agencies include Google NetworkBing AdvertisingRakuten and may, over time include additional agencies. Their cookies and data collection activities are listed in our Cookie Policy under 3rd party cookies, and in their own privacy policies, hyperlinked here. Be aware that if you choose to opt-out from our cookies, we have a mechanism in place that will transfer your opt-out request to them (to read more about such a mechanism you can refer to Oil.js.

You can manage your Data

When we design the Products and Services, data privacy and security was considered (“Privacy by Design”). We made sure it would be easier and accessible for you to manage your Data. Meaning you can edit, alter or delete data you submitted to us. Some of the data, which is not associated with you as a natural person, is not accessible for such actions:

  1. Account Data: you can edit your name and last name. You cannot, however, edit your email as this is the user account identifier. If you want, for some reason to delete your entire data and account, you can submit a request to us. If there is no legal justification for keeping such info, we will follow applicable regulation to process such request.
  2. Purchase Data: Some tax regulations require financial information of some sorts to be retained for a minimum period of 7 years. Additionally, our payment processors will retain such data to help us manage your account. If you wish us to delete such data, please submit such request to us, and if there is no legal prevention to do so, we will process your request within the time period required by applicable data regulation.
  3. Newsletter Data: If you wish to unsubscribe from such communication you may click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email communication sent to you. Please pay attention: if you submit your email both in the Site to enroll the newsletter, and in the sign up / user account option, you will still receive communication that is related to the Products and Services or to your account. In order to stop receiving this communication as well, you will also be required to execute the unsubscribe option of those email communications, however, we will still need to send you subscription and payment updates or confirmations.
  4. Activity Data: such data is required to be able to provide the Services, so without it we will not be able to provide them. However, you can manage and/or delete cookies and web-tracking technologies, if you wish to do so, and willing to accept a little less accurate Services.

Data Sharing

Another principle we follow is that no entity has access to any Data, unless such access and data are required to serve a role, function or activity, including purposes of securing the data and limit the access to it.

So generally, we do not share any of your data, but we do use 3rd party tools and services that allow us to better provide the Services, rack them and maintain them. Such tools and services include data storage platforms (Amazon Web Services, which its privacy policy available at: https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-privacy-faq/)  , analytics and BI services (like Google Analytics, which its privacy policy is available at: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en), Mailing list and newsletter management platforms (Zendesk Connect, as details above) and payment processors, which their privacy policy will be provided to you along the services they will be providing.

Airo is the Data Controller, where such 3rd party tools and services are the Data Processors. As such, when engaging with such 3rd party services, we make sure that they follow applicable data protection regulatory requirements.

Please be aware, any service provided by such data Processors, or functioned fulfilled by them is governed by their own privacy policies, as provided here, and as may be available from time to time, inline the Services.

Maintenance and Security

When designed Airo’s data architecture, principles of data security standards were highly considered. We work hard to secure your data and ensure separation of Files Data from User Data. We also use 3rd party data experts like AWS that assist with encrypting, anonymize and secure personal data, and do our utmost to apply physical, logical and technical data security measures. Of course, that incidents happen, and we cannot guaranty 100% security of all times, however, strive to get there by complying with applicable data security regulation.

Data Retention

Unless we are instructed otherwise by applicable laws, we retain Information we collect for as long as needed to provide the Services, operate them, monitor them, and to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

International transfer of Data

We may transfer your Information (including Personal Information) outside the country in which it is collected or in which you reside, including to a country that may not offer the same level of protection for Personal Information as the country in which you reside. However, in which case we make sure to place all contractual safeguards to ensure your Information is processed in a way that offers an adequate level of protection when it is shared between or among our third-party vendors. If applicable to your type of consuming the Services, by providing Personal Information and using the Services, you expressly consent to the use of such Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to the transfer of your Information to another country.

Our data storage services and servers are in the United State. When the data is transmitted, we make sure it is encrypted and safeguarded in transmission.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy, you are welcome to contact us at privacy@airoav.com or, via the Site’s contact form.


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