Spyware is a type of software, application, program, file, script or general behavior with the sole functionality of spying on your activity, stealing your data or just collect sensitive data about you without your approval or sometimes even without your awareness.

Spyware may also steal password and credit card information, online game account passwords and provide false security alerts by giving the impression that the user’s machine is in a critical state and demanding money for “fixes”, and so on. Usually, spyware gets installed without the user’s informed consent.
Since a spyware application is not a legitimate file infected by a virus, but an entire application coded with malicious intent, it cannot be disinfected.

Behavioral Examples

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of some sub-categories, behavioral examples, and symptoms:

  • Keyloggers; programs that steal your password by monitoring your keystrokes while you type it.
  • Web Camera hijacking.
  • Malicious files on your Mac that gain access to your data.
  • Javascript injections to visited websites, tracking your web activity and using your data without your permission.

Did you encounter any behavior that could fall under this category?
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