Adware classification would normally refer to a software, application, browser extension, program or general behavior with the sole purpose or function of generating ad revenues (in any form), including by disrupting your Mac experience and/or hijacking your browser’s search functionality.

Behavioral Examples

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of some behavioral examples and symptoms of “how ‘Adware’ is likely to behave when evading, or attempting to evade, your Mac”.

  • Your homepage, default new tab or default search engine were hijacked and replaced by another service, search vendor or site you did not approve.
  • Excessive ads all over your screen
  • Excessive pop-ups or push notifications.
  • Your Mac is suddenly slowing down.
  • Intrusive tracking of your actions or browsing history with no real functionality justification.
  • Behavior that triggers the installation of unrelated features, apps or 3rd party software, without your consent or action.

Did you encounter any behavior that could fall under this category?
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