Consumer Cancellation and Refund Policy

Thank you for purchasing our Airo Security Suite.

A refund can be requested only in the first 30 days after the product was initially purchased online directly from us. If you purchased via resellers or agents, please refer to their own cancellation and refund policy.

If your purchase qualifies a refund, you should follow the instructions below to get your cancellation and refund request processed.

Before you submit a cancellation and a refund request, please read carefully the restrictions and limitations for a refund.

Your purchase and payment are processed and operated by a third-party payment processor, which will be the one to process your request according to its policies. To submit such request please complete your request details in this form and add any details required to support your request.

Additional support options with respect to your refund request will be available for you here.

Restrictions and Limitation for a Refund

  • If you made your purchase through a reseller or an agent and not directly from our site, you should follow such reseller’s or agent’s consumer policies and follow them accordingly.
  • If we have a good reason to believe that you violated the terms of the license granted to you under the End User License Agreement (EULA) or otherwise used the product in an unauthorized manner.
  • If you misuse this policy or our goodwill, or the trial period of the product.

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us at support@airoav.com.


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