Airo Scores Perfect Rating From AV-Test

100% detection rate and highest possible score for performance and usability by industry-leading security tester AV-Test.

January 5th, 2020

We are proud to announce that Airo has been ranked as the perfect antivirus for Mac by industry-leading security tester AV-Test

Scoring full marks across each category of Performance, Usability and Detection, Airo’s 100% malware detection rate is almost unheard of in the antivirus industry. Most antivirus on the market take at least 5 or 6 times to achieve anything close to a 100% malware detection rate, while Airo’s advanced technology captured everything on the first time.

Results position Airo as industry leaders

Coming out on top across all three categories, Airo achieved a perfect AAA score. It even beat other highly respected antivirus industry leaders, including Avira and F-Secure.

Airo was awarded the maximum of 18 points across the three categories, broken down to – 

  • 6/6 for detection, meaning Airo managed to successfully flag all malicious programs used in the test. 
  • 6/6 for performance, working perfectly on all Macs without slowing down the OS or taking up extra resources.
  • 6/6 for usability, avoiding incorrect flagging or valid programs or websites as malicious.



AV-Test classifies its Protection category broadly as “Protection against malware infections”. Out of the 145 malware samples tested, a test group that was carefully compiled across the “widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 months”, Airo detected the full 100%. The industry average is 99%. 


Defined by AV-Test as “impact on the usability of the whole computer”, Airo achieved a perfect 0 score across both subcategories: false positive detection (identifying clean files as malware) and for false warnings during installation and legitimate software use. 


Across the Performance category, defined as “influence of the product on computer speed in daily usage”, Airo beat the industry average by several percent: checking 60 test cases for the slower launch of standard software applications, Airo affected the tested device’s functions by 2%, while the industry average was 3%. 

More impressively, for the slower copying of files test (with 4271 files copied), Airo slowed down the device by 1%…while the industry average is 6%.  



We continue to improve

Mac viruses only continue to become more complex and destructive. The impressive result of the AV-Test establish Airo as a top quality product for protecting Macs from these new and more sophisticated threats. This year we are planning to release significant improvements to our detection engine and overall product quality, making Airo bulletproof to any current and future Mac OS threats. 


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