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Get the ultimate multi-device protection with Airo Antivirus.
Packed with powerful features and designed to protect
your Mac & iOS.

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Real-Time Detection & Prevention

Thousands of scans a day, keep malware and frustration away. Airo is always on the lookout: eliminating threats before they have a chance to strike. Operating silently behind the scenes of your Mac or iOS system.

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Powerful AI Technology

Outsmart your opponents, without thinking twice. All of the protection, none of the fuss. Airo's self learning technology grows smarter every day. All by itself. Without affecting your smooth user experience.

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Privacy & Data Protection

Whether it’s personal, private or irreplaceable: Airo provides full control over all data, privacy and system settings. Intuitive and in-tune with today’s requirements. Making sure that what’s yours, stays only yours.

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More about Airo

Learn about the tech behind Airo

That’s what you get, when you put displeased hacking specialists and unsatisfied security experts together. Used to working both sides of the fence and tired of the status quo. Going rogue to build the best possible defense system.

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